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Friday, August 13, 2010

Feliz Dia de Resistencia! Cuauhtemoc Celebration This Weekend

Versed from WE WILL RISE by Kurly Tlapoyawa
Section 11- The Plague:

On April 21,1521, Hernan Cortez returned to Tenochtitlan, after previously invading and leaving behind a terrible smallpox epidemic, and began to lay siege of the great city- today known as Mexico City. He came with dozens of boats, each one equipped with a cannon. As they entered the surrounding areas of the city, The Mexica- today called Aztec- warriors met the Spaniards in full force. The battles were bloody, fast, and furious; Causing each side massive losses. But the superior fire power of the Spaniards, along with the weakened condition of the Mexica, gave the Europeans the upper hand. Bit by bit, battle after battle, sections of Tenochtitlan were isolated and overrun by Spanish forces.

Then, after mapping the clearest route through the canals surrounding Tenochtitlan, the Spaniards launched their boats from along the side of Texkoko. The heavily armed craft, blasted their way through the Mexica canoes sent to confront them. The slaughter was incredible. The white invaders used war horses, lances, guns, catapults, flesh-eating dogs, armor, cross bows, and their hunger for blood, and thus ensued an 8o day fight that left thousands of Mexica dead.

On August 13, 1521, Tenochtitlan finally fell to the Spaniards.

On our final day as a free people, the young Cuauhtemoc, the last heroic tlatoani of Tenochtitlan, made a declaration to the people and the day has since been declared a Dia de Resistencia or Day of Resistance, for Cuauhtemoc's words promised that a new day would rise for the Mexica people, our ancestors....for us.

This Saturday at Eastwood Park- 5000 Harrisburg, Houston TX, 77023- starting at 6pm- Come honor the resistance of one of our greatest leaders, Cuauhtemoc. We will be reading Cuauhtemoc's last mandate to the people of Mexiko, given originally 500 years ago today in remembrance that through our struggle as a Brown people, we have endured, and we will rise to our ancient knowledge and glory again.

Come for the palabra, stay for the danza!

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  1. Are they having a celebration this year 2011?