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Thursday, June 24, 2010

Can You Smell What Denver Harbor is Cooking?

MMmm.. there is nothing like the comida that comes off of the open flame of a barbecue pit. We, at OurDHStreets, can already smell the rich aromas rising and spreading through the area as the first pieces of carne and chile hit the grill this weekend at the 1st Annual Denver Harbor Cook-Off! We had a chance to exchange a few quick words with participant and organizer Daniel Hinojosa about what inspired the event and how it will be going down this Saturday, June 26, 2010 from 8am - 5pm at the famous Palmers Ice House!! It will be so good to see the Raza out in full force with friends and familia! Who will take come the Golden Chancla?!

DHStreets- The flier says 8am to 5pm - can you give us a bit more of a breakdown to know what time things will be going on?
DHinojosa- The event is from 8am - 5pm. Teams will begin to set-up as early as 7am, This
is serious BBQ business here people, the challenge to win the GOLDEN CHANCLA is on! I am encouraging everyone to carpool as much as possible, ride Metro, or even walk to Palmer's. Parking will be very limited and we want to be good neighbors to everyone out there and not congest the streets. We are anticipating a near capacity crowd. The teams have been briiefed, and category turn-ins are as follows Homemade Salsa - 11am, 12pm - Chili, 1pm - Chicken, 2pm - Pork, 3pm - WildCard (anything goes!). Awards will begin at 4pm. We will be asking for random judges, so if you have a talent for tasting, come by the cook-off and sign up to be a judge! Don't forget World Cup action, USA vs Ghana 1:30pm!

DHStreets- If you can, the names of a few of the teams that are

DHinojosa- The teams that have signed-up are The Tejano Renegade Kookers!, Smoked n' Chopped!, Smokin's a Habit, Smoke 'em up! Cookers, Dammit Boy Cookers, Try This Cookers, Roy Meza Cookers, Goodfellas Cookers, David Rodriguez (he's so cool, he uses his own name!), Stone Cold Cookers, Luv Ya' Q! Palmer's Ice House, and your host cooking team, Texas Cyclone Cookers!

DHStreets- What if there is rain?

DHinojosa- I've participated in cook-offs in ankle deep water before. If there's rain, we will be cooking in the rain, the show must go on! (Safety First always!)

DHStreets- What inspired the Texas Cyclone Cookers to create this event?

DHinojosa- I love bringing people together, I love BBQ, and I am very proud to be from Denver Harbor. There are so many other cook-off teams that originate from Denver Harbor that compete elsewhere in the city, it just made sense to have our own "home field" event for the teams that call Denver Harbor home. I also wanted a signature event in the Denver Harbor area that is a good, positive community event. Often, the negative things that occur in our area (that also happen in every community in America) are highlighted and the positive stories are ignored. There are highly intelligent,educated, resourceful, and good citizens that reside or have their roots in Denver Harbor. This event is a celebration of our neighborhood and culture!

DHStreets- Right on, Daniel! Anything else you'd like to say about the event?:

DHinojosa- Fans can keep up with the cook-off by becoming a friend of www.facebook.com/denverharbor. I want to thank everyone who has supported this event, Kathy Talamantez at Palmer's Ice House, Anna Gonzalez with the Denver Harbor Civic Club, Pearl Pecina with Epic Hair Productions, all the teams for participating, and the fans and sponsors who support our cook-off teams.

This wil the INAUGURAL DENVER HAROR COOK-OFF. We will be making this an annual event, so be prepared to see who wins the GOLDEN CHANCLA at the "2011 Denver Harbor Cook-off"!

We can't wait, Daniel! See you all on Saturday, mi gente!

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Que Padre

My dad was very loving and involved when I was a kid. When we did wrong, instead of hitting us, he preferred the 'lecture approach'. He made sure that I understood why I was being forced to sit through his speech. He would explain the situation, tell me why it was wrong, and then ask me why I had done the wrong I had. Having to explain why I had misbehaved as a child to my grown father in front of me intently listening, was sometimes the hardest part of the 'lecture approach'. But, in retrospect, I appreciate it because it proved to me that my dad 1) was invested in helping me understand how things worked in the world based on my actions and 2) even though I was only a child, I knew that I could critically think and gave me the space to express myself every time we interacted. These memories and lessons have proved to be priceless in my adulthood & I am extremely thankful for it. Although he never hit us (maybe my lil sis once, because she was a terror) we still knew not to disrespect him and to be fearful when mom said "just wait till your dad get's home". Still, everything he did and said was in love & he is still the same dad we can approach to help smooth out the hard edges.

I know that not everyone has had the same lucky experience as me and my sisters- that some kids had to grow up without the male energy helping mold them - so I must use this Fathers Day as a chance to say a few different thank you's too:
Thank you to the fathers that have passed on, but have left behind great memories for those that knew them.
Thank you to the mom's & other extended family that played dad when a real dad was not around.
Thank you to the soon to be dads- Children are an extension of you. - you will soon have a fresh start to build up your kids, and thus, your self.
& last, Our DH Streets would like to send a big abrazo and smile to all the dads celebrating with their families today! Have a great one!!
Another great Fathers Day blog ---> here.

Friday, June 18, 2010

El Gato Media Network Carwash

El Gato is a student organization at the University of Houston Their mission is to pioneering a unique, multidisciplinary student news organization to recruit more Latinos to journalism and improve coverage of Hispanics. If you have time this weekend, please come by and support their endeavors by getting your car washed! - Beats doing it yourself in this heat!

Details Below:

Saturday, June 19, 2010
11:00am - 4:00pm
Locati on: Barry's Pizza

On behalf of El Gato Media Network, we invite you to our first ever Car Wash!!!
This event will be taking place on June 19, 2010 @ Barry's Pizza on 6003 Richmond Avenue at Foutainview, Houston from 11 to 4.
This is a DONATION BASED Car Wash!!
RSVP on Facebook here!

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Eye Can See Clearly Now

We've all had bad experiences when going to the doctor. Whether it be the ER, the dentist, or the optometrist, you can usually bet on someone on staff - or even the doctor- being impersonal, rushing, or being straight up rude.
That's why it's refreshing to hear about places that treat their clients respectfully by taking their time, sharing their knowledge, and making sure the client leaves with a smile...especially when that place is in your own neighborhood!
So, when DH Streets staff received an email about a great eye doctor experience, we felt compelled to share:

TEXAS STATE OPTICAL - DENVER HARBOR - right across from Fiesta y Fallas Paredes 711 SHOTWELL STREET 77020 HOUSTON , TX Phone:(713) 673-6355

On May 31st, 2010 I visited TSO on Shotwell for my annual eye check up and it was such a nice experience. This was the 3rd time I had been there, the last time being 2005. This time I had the opportunity to meet the elder Mr. Gold who explained everything to me, put me at ease with his conversation and warm manner. His assistant Lori helped me in selecting the best eye wear for me- using my vision benefits. Usually neighbors will go outside our area for this type of service but we got it right here in DH! - M.G. Coronado

So, if you have been wondering where you can go for your next eye exam, look no further than down the street!! Happy Seeing!

--Thank you for this M.G. -and if YOU have had a great experience at any business in or near DH, let us know! We love to spotlight places that are invested in good customer service & care.