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Monday, July 12, 2010

Cooking Carne: The 1st Annual DH Cook Off in Retrospect

The author, Jose Limon, in his article entitled 'Carne, Carnales, and the Carnivalesque' paints a picture of the Chicano bbq scene by observing:

'I am most interested in the way the consumption of food is a kind of interactional parallel to the charged language which paradoxically generated friendship. Everyone brings his meat- and contributes it to a central collective pile; everyone at some point or another takes a turn at shooing flies away, broiling and cutting the meat, and making the sauce.'

It's true! Few things bring people together the way that sharing food can. It's a part of our cultura and it comes back like 2nd nature in moments when the gente get together to make something happen- in this case, the mission to create a BBQ CookOff in Denver Harbor, organized by Denver Harbians, and participated in by them and their friends.

The Sun was shining and the smell in the air was o-so-good at Palmers Ice House on June 26, 2010. The DH Crew didn't get to taste all the winning food,but we did stay around long enough to test a few of the delicious eats and talk to some of the cooking teams about what they were most looking forward to and what being a part of this event meant to them personally.

Every tent had an inviting & busy feeling to it. The Try This Cookers were beating the heat with mini-raspas they shared with everyone who visited their tent. Other tents had their winning trophies out in prominent display- adding a bit of healthy competition to the whole thing. Fajita seemed to be the Wild Card entry most people were looking forward to and every camp had tables and tents where family and friends were sitting to give company, cheer, taste, and help out where they were needed.

My favorite was the Le Flame Kookers which consisted of all females. They said that while they haven't won in a category yet, they have a great time competing. They most definitely balanced out a bit of the testosterone flying around the place! Trisha, Lisa, and Eva spoke a bit to OurDHStreets Crew member, Dee, about how participating in this cook-off allowed them to reconnect with the community, since some of them had moved away from the 'hood when they got older. The Texas Cyclone Cookers hooked us up with cups of Chili while they recanted about how they are all family and they love to grill and get together, so the Cook-Off (that they initiated) was just a way to fuse that and share with other DH residents and friends that love to do the same.

The palate-ready judges sat snuggly inside of Palmers avoiding the heat and the pressure of the competing teams while BBQ lovers hung out inside with a few cold beverages taking in the aromas and the World Cup on the big screens.

OurDHStreets would like to thank Daniel Hinojosa, The Wild Style Kookers, the Smoked and Chopped Cookers, the Le Flame ladies, and the rest for a great time and yummy food!!!

PS. Palmers Ice House will be hosting another worth-while BBQ event this Saturday, July 17, 2010. Come out anytime from 11:00am - 5:00pm, and support Lena (Ybarra) Lara who is battling cancer. Plates will be $7.00 and include Brisket, Sausage, Potato Salad, and Rice. DJ Locura is sponsoring and there will be a moonwalk for kids. All proceeds will help with medical expenses. For more information, call (713)393-9485.
Please come by and support, enjoy the day, the BBQ, Palmers, and the amazing gente that make it all happen in Denver Harbor!!