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Monday, April 13, 2009

Tomorrow, our seeds will grow...

...All we need is dedication. ~ Lauryn Hill

To continue on with the Eco-Friendly mindset that this past Earth Day set, OurDHStreets is taking this opportunity to introduce you to our Original Jardin series.
A small group of local activists have joined knowledge, time, and efforts to create a garden that features foods that are/were indigenous to the Mexica People (The 7 Warriors) and have opened the gates to us in an effort to share & trade information that they are learning and to promote backyard organic gardening to all gente.
In conjunction, OurDHStreets will be giving you updates through interviews, vids, and pictures on the progress of the garden & connect it to bigger eco/political-conscious efforts in Houston. Enjoy!

Please feel free to ask questions, leave comments, &/or advice for our learning gardeners.
Several reasons. We've all seen what is happening in the grocery stores due to the current economy. Prices are going up and the quality of the produce available is going down. We are paying more for less and with many people now living under the constant pressure that they might lose their jobs..Well, it just adds more anxiety to our daily lives. We have land that is good to plant on and the reasons why not to ran out. The time has come to start planting. Not relying on 'the man' for our basic needs will get us to a more secure place. Having knowledge about the land and how plants grow will ensure that if/when prices inflate even more, we will still have access to foods we use regularly and conveniently out of our yards. Health-wise, if you are part of the process of creating it, you know what is inside of it. No additives, chemicals, non-pronounceables.
The 7 Warrior plants were the major crops of the Mexica (Pre-Spanish Inhabitants of Aztlan). The incredible thing about these foods is that they grow well together; Meaning, the environment created by each one directly and healthily affects the other. This makes them easy to grow with proper care. The 3 sister crops (corn, beans, squash) provide the necessary vitamins and nutrients to sustain the human body and the remaining 4 crops add in any missing elements. This makes for a healthy and more eco-friendly environment all in all- for yourself and the Earth.
The jardin came to be in a volunteered backyard that was not being used and was covered in high sprays of grass - seriously, the shortest activist was about a foot away from not being able to see anything back there! On March 7th, the yard was mowed and the top layer of grass was removed. Since then, the grass was mowed and the top layer removed, the soil was flipped and roots taken out, rows created, and maize planted. Last week marked about a month & a half since the project began and small developing maize leaves have begun to sprout in all but one row- that has been reserved for beans.
For now, we are watering and watching the maize take root & develop strong stems and as that develops we will be moving into the bean & squash phase of the project. Right now the jardin is semi-private, but as the crops and food manifest, so will our ability to reach out to the community to partake in the care and the amazing food that the jardin will provide.

Check back to watch the progress on the Original Jardin in DH- Houston & to find knowledge for starting your own organic garden.


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