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Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Para Las Mujeres / For the Women

Sisters, in my opinion, there is not enough dialogue between us - as women of color, as conscious women, as women who have become educated, built, suffered, survived, and experienced. I think this mostly has to do with the fact that our society is not set up in a way that gives women instant equality and space to express ourselves. It is really up to us to carve out spaces and events in order to help conversations & understanding happen. Many of us do not have close female friends because we are taught to distrust each other from the workplace to the home. I've heard many women talk about how another woman has betrayed them, used them, manipulated them, etc. and they have in turn, decided it's best to not interact on personal levels with the female sex to a large degree. Yet, in looking at where our lives and livelihoods are taking us- bringing us into a recession/depression, with growing hate crimes, with growing stress on us and our men due to joblessness & a lack of money, with kidnappings in our area, with the state of women who are being used and abused and made to feel hopeless- it is only right and necessary that we open ourselves up to building with our fellow women again. There is so much that we can accomplish as women who work hard, have created spaces inside ourselves for other women to come, have suffered, have survived, and have experienced whatever we have experienced. We all have something to bring to the table.

So, in that spirit, this coming weekend, there will be an event honoring International Women's Day here in Houston's East End. The event will be hosted by women featuring women about womenly things. But, yes, men..you are more than welcomed to attend!

I know the ladies who have come together since late last year to make this happen & I hope to see & meet many more sisters there.

Bohemeos is a great cafe/deli so come hungry & thirsty!
For more info/ complete schedule/and artist info:

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