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Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Love Was On Our Streets This Week-

Denver Harbor- Houston, Tx-

Valentines Day this year in Houston was not the sunniest or brightest, but that didn't stop the people from getting out of their homes to find that special something for that special someone. Stands lined both sides of Lyons Avenue this past weekend, full of flowers, teddy bears, candy, and your occassional heart-shaped balloon hook-up too!

Lyons Avenue is one of the most visited streets in DH, so, from what I could tell, the vendors had little trouble finding last minute shoppers. All the options also made it a great spot to bargain ourselves a deal.

The best thing about the entire sight was that all the people running the stands were from DH. That meant that the money we gave to purchase a sweet for our sweet went right back into our community. Doing this ensures that on a neighborhood level, we can all maintain with eachothers help. It's great to see that this type of exchange can still exist in such a modern and fast-paced world!

So, what was the merchandise like? Well, my mom loved her cute little glass vase filled with gorgeous, deep red roses!

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